About Me

Hi, I’m Nadine! I am living an almost healthy life and writing an almost healthy blog. A short summary of my life pretty much looks like this:

I used to look like this (2011):


And then I looked like this (2013):

st thomas

And now I still look like this (2015):


And some days I wish I looked like this:



But I have reached a point in my life that I have realized the struggle of weight loss is not worth it. I am over doing it for vanity reasons, to fit in, to look like society says I should. I am on a quest to be happy with my life, my body, and my actions.

I created Almost Healthy Blog as a way to transition from blogging about weight loss, to blogging about whatever the hell I want living my almost healthy life. I will never be perfectly healthy (which I believe means something different for every single person), nor do I want to be. I enjoy my steamed vegetables with a side of tater tots, and I think that’s okay. I try and do something active every single day, and I am trying to focus on things that I enjoy.

Health is a journey that encompasses far more than eating well, and exercise. So if you decide to stick around (and I sure hope you do) this blog will cover anything from food, to fitness, to my quest of brewing kombucha, to my day to day musings. And from time to time it will be sprinkled with sass and sarcasm!

Here is a link to some of my favorite posts!

And here is how I’ve managed to lose weight, while drinking cocktails!