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Five on Friday–Black Lives Matter Edition

I haven’t shared a Five on Friday in a long time. But I also haven’t blogged in a long time.

I started a blog because I like writing. I may not be the best writer, but I find that writing helps me get out words that are stuck inside. However lately I find myself with no words. I live in Minneapolis, which has now been the scene for two police shootings onto black men. But it’s clear that this is not just a Minneapolis problem, this is an America problem.

I try not to share my political feelings on this blog, however I feel that the blatant racism we are currently experiencing is more than a political opinion. I don’t care if you are a democrat, republican, independent, or someone who steers clear of politics, we need to come together as a society and stop all the hate. We need to recognize and stop the racism. We need to stop the war with police officers. And we need to stop the war with each other.

Supporting #blacklivesmatter does not mean that you don’t support or respect police officers. Grieving the death of a black man shot by the police does not mean that you can’t also grieve the lives of police officers who have been sniped. And furthermore, you can support gun rights, while also thinking a gun reform needs to come along. But it’s not okay to support gun laws, and then criticize a black man for carrying one.

tweetI respect police officers. I nearly cried the other day thinking about how much hate some of them are experiencing. I truly believe some people join the police force because it’s their true calling; they aren’t looking for power, they aren’t racist, they just want to protect and serve. However I think it’s undeniable at this point that racism exists within America, which obviously includes police departments.

And here is a main question I think every white person needs to think about, have you ever been afraid of losing your life at the hands of a police officer? And maybe the answer is yes, but then I still think that speaks volumes to the problem of police brutality. To quote my governor, Mark Dayton, speaking in reference to Philando Castile being shot: “Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver and the passengers, were white? I don’t think it would have.” Full article here.

And in case you are one of those people who doesn’t think that we have racism in this country, please explain to me how someone as racist, and hateful as Donald Trump can be a presidential candidate? And possibly our next president?

So with this Five on Friday I find myself following a theme. Today’s theme will be featuring articles from people who can better put into words the way I feel about the problem we are currently having.

Check Your White Privilege –If you find yourself feeling so helpless with what to do next, or how to help, this is the perfect post to read. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read my way through the post.

A Call for Change  –this is a friend of mine in real life. She is the wife of a police officer, and she writes about the issue with such grace. Everyone needs to read this, and reread this, and share this.

Liberal Redneck–Black Lives Matter — This one hit close to home for me. I grew up in a very small, conservative community, where most people hated the cops, and didn’t follow the law. Now all of sudden all these same people are saying “well when a cop tells you to do something, you do it.” I see right through all of you.

Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix. –This is written by a police officer, and discusses clear racism, and why police brutality continues to happen. “The problem is that cops aren’t held accountable for their actions, and they know it. These officers violate rights with impunity. They know there’s a different criminal justice system for civilians and police. Even when officers get caught, they know they’ll be investigated by their friends, and put on paid leave. My colleagues would laughingly refer to this as a free vacation. It isn’t a punishment.”

There’s Something Disturbing About The Way Cops Act Just After They’ve Shot Somebody. –“If police officers want to convince the public they value black lives as much as any others, they need to start acting like the lives they’ve just taken matter.”

Five on Friday

5 on…Thursday 6/18/14

Today is my Friday, so I bring you Five on Thursday! I have a girlfriend in town today, and we are going camping and tubing this weekend! Drinking beer in the river, while sitting in a camp chair is quite possibly my favorite pass time!

[one]  No Labels, No Drama, Right? — I agreed with every single word written. Dating nowadays is out of control. I mean, I perpetuate the problem; I swipe right, I try to play the game, I act like someone I’m not, I avoid talking about my real feelings, etc. But seriously, I would kill to go back to the dating days before cell phones, and social media. Here is my land line number, leave me a message on my answering machine. And people my age are lying if they say they don’t have a Jeremy.

[two] Why I’m Setting Myself Back In My Career In Favor Of A Happier Life

[three] A Look at Life Inside a 1969 Hippie Tree House Village in Hawaii


Fattitude Trailer 2015 from Fattitude the Movie on Vimeo.

[five] This Man Tearfully Recorded Himself After A Panic Attack To Spread Awareness –Breaks me heart. Mental illness is so, so real and needs to be recognized.

Five on Friday

5 on Friday 6/3/15

It has been a hot second since I have done a 5 on Friday. And I’ve reallllllly missed it! I miss connecting with others!

[one] I have to go bra shopping today after work, this might be one of my least favorite things to do, ever. Having big boobs is stupid.


[two] I am going to a Twins baseball game tomorrow with a friend and his parents. I am just so excited to see them. Isn’t that the true sign of adulthood, when you are excited to see someones parents? I’ve shared this photo before, but I’m finally going to experience the ultimate touristy-gimmicky-not worth $20 bloody mary! And I am pretty excited!


[three] I saw the Entourage movie last night. Yum! Even if you did not watch the series, it is worth seeing simply because of the attractive men in the film. Jeremy Piven is the ultimate babe. Seriously. He’s the one in the glasses.



[five] Woman Performing ‘Lose Yourself’ In Self Language Gets Us Super Pumped — So, so cool!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five on Friday

Friday Favorites 5/22/15

Long Memorial weekend ahead of us! I cannot wait. I am going to my hometown (which I don’t love) to see a bunch of my lady pals from high school (which I do love)! It should be a crazy, exhausting, but fun weekend.

Lilac season is long gone here in Minnesota. But I enjoy every single say they are in bloom. This is from a few weeks back.


Song that is stuck in my head:

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Alright party people, that’s it for now. Any great plans for the weekend?

Five on Friday

Friday Favorites 5/8/15

This has been such a hectic week. Working overtime, in customer service can sure burn a girl out. Plus there have been some family illness, which just has me ready for the weekend. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

This could not be anymore true for my life. Read the interview here.

mindyInteresting stuff:

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23 Reminders Of What The World Was Like When The Class Of 2015 Was Born — My sister graduates this year, this article made me feel so aged!

Five on Friday

Friday Favorites 3/27/15

Happy Friday! Sadly I have to come into work for a bit tomorrow, so it doesn’t feel like a Friday. But I don’t mind too much because I am going to Vegas on Tuesday morning!!!!!! My friend and I have an early flight so we will be getting breakfast out at the airport, and I am already excited about this breakfast. Or maybe I am excited because my breakfast will be accompanied with a bloody mary! Fun fact: I am a bit nervous when flying so alcohol is a necessity for me when traveling! Second fun fact: I love a good bloody mary!

I am pretty excited that Target Field in Minneapolis is rolling out this bad boy for their 2015 season.


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Have a lovely weekend friends!

Five on Friday

Friday Favorites 3/20/15

Today is the first day of spring!!! And for the first time in a long time I actually feel like I can call this weather spring. Most times we still have snow, and cold. Not this year!

This book. I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I read a book, like an actual book. Which is devastating. I read blogs and articles all day, everyday. But that’s off a computer. Since I work for a college, I decided to use my library privileges. I have read this book before, but it’s one of those that I could read a dozen times and still pick up something new. It’s incredible, and I highly recommend it!

thisishowI am getting really, really excited about an upcoming trip I have planned. In eleven short days I will be on a plane to the lovely, ever classy Las Vegas!


This popcorn:


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Five on Friday

Friday Favorites 3/13/15

Hello, hello! Happy Friday the 13th! I am not a very superstitious person, but two in a row? Kinda freaky! I had a great week, I work for a college and it was spring break which meant great parking, and quieter days.

This week I have been eating almond butter as if it’s about to be recalled or something. I can’t get enough. I can get it freshly crushed at the co-op by my house, and I swear I could just drink this stuff.


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Five on Friday

Friday Favorites 2/27/15

This has been quite the week. Normally my week flies by, but this one did not. I am welcoming the weekend with open arms! And a cocktail. Seriously I have been wanting a drink since Wednesday. Today I have legitimately had a craving for a Bloody Mary, a White Russian, or an Irish Car Bomb.

Interesting stuff from around the internet:

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Things us over-thinkers only truly understand — this could not be more accurate for my life. Seriously the part about eye exams…yes.

Have a great weekend, folks!