I went to Europe.

I have two regrets from college; 1) I never lived in the dorms. 2) I never studied abroad. Granted both of these regrets have led me to have a very small amount of student debt, so I should probably stop regretting them, and feel really fortunate to be ahead of the financial curve. But I had always wished to go abroad, and experience a different way of life.

Sometimes I feel lesser because people my age love traveling, and if there is anything that they love more than traveling it’s talking about their love for traveling. I no longer have to feel any lesser because I have been abroad. I have traveled. I have seen a lot. And I have done so much. Side note: I was totally getting inside my own head. No one should ever feel lesser, everything we do in life is part of our own journey. Everyone prioritizes how they want to spend their money, and their time.

Over Christmas time I spent 16 days traveling around Europe. I toured 6 countries, and 8 cities. I had a friend studying abroad in the Netherlands, so he would be my travel partner. And until that trip, I never knew how many emotions you can feel at one time. Every single day I felt energized, exhausted, liberated, humbled, independent, needy, but most of all I felt lucky beyond belief.

Because we were going to be moving around almost everyday, I was convinced by others that I should not bring a suitcase, but instead pack 16 days into a backpack. Without a doubt, I am an over packer. I want to have more outfits than I’ll ever wear, and I want all my beauty supplies on hand. Rarely do I ever wear half the clothes I bring, nor do I ever put on a full face of make-up. But I just like having these things on hand.

I finally saw the logic in being able to carry a small pack on my back, instead of roll a bag behind me. In the end, I am glad I didn’t over pack. But lemme tell ya, I was realllllll sick of that backpack by the end. I was sick of dirty clothes, and washing things in the sink. I was sick of having to unpack and pack everything into that small little bag everyday. But I survived, and I probably saved money because I had no room for souvenirs!


My Travel Itinerary:

Groningen, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Dresden, Germany

Prague, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria

Budapest, Hungary

Paris, France

Amsterdam, Netherlands