Jobs I Would Be Great At

I am always daydreaming of my perfect career. I have no idea what it is, but there are a lot of things I’ve considered doing in my lifetime. Some of these aspirations are serious, some are simple dreams. So I figured I’d go through and list some of the many jobs I feel I would be great at!

1) Ice Cream Taste Tester- growing up I spent 4 summers working at the local ice cream shop, Sweet Scoops. It was pretty much a dream come true, well despite the fact that I wish I would have got some serving experience. I made very little in tips, and pretty much hated all customers. But I got to eat all the ice cream I wanted, so really what more could you ask for?

2) Ice Cream Shop Owner-I would love owning my own ice cream parlor, getting to hire high school minions to work under me, and call me Mr. Manager. I’d also weigh about 400 pounds. But whatever, I’d be fat, happy, and have minions.

3) Baseball Wife- Baseball is by far the best of all the professional sports. I’d marry a baseball player tomorrow, I’d just have to lose about 100 pounds, get some plastic surgery, and figure out a way to meet a guy in the mlb. A girl can dream right? Most people are not familiar with the reality show Baseball Wives, but someday I will resurrect this show, and be the main bitch, stirring up all the drama.

Clearly meant to be a baseball wife….

4) Ball Mudder– this goes along with the baseball theme. In order to make baseballs less slick for the pitchers to handle, they rub mud on the balls before each game. I mean really, I know I’d be good at handling balls.

5) Jello Shot Maker- I am pretty great at making jello shots. And I am always looking for a reason to make jello shots! This weekend I am going camping/tubing (again), and of course I am making the shots!

jelloAnd if you think this list is fabricated, you’re wrong. I’ve actually considered doing every single thing on this list. Jello shot maker is probably most realistic, if only I could figure out a way for my friends to pay me per shot!

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  • Nadine

    July 29, 2015

    Hahaha I love this!!! I could totally be an ice cream tester for reals. Also, I could get paid to shop or shop for people. Totally could get paid to read books and write reviews. Sit on social media all day. I really want to own my own boutique. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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