I leave for Vegas in 3 days! And as I mentioned in yesterdays post, I am a bit of a nervous flyer. I hate taking off, and I hate turbulence. A friend once told me that she thinks of turbulence as a fun ride. Yeah, if you are on the roller coaster to death. I am already having visions of our plane going down, being stuck in the middle of the ocean, washing up on an island, forever to be missing. We are flying over the dessert, so you can see that I am very rational when it comes to travel.

planeI have now made it a habit to consume a few cocktails before, and while flying. It calms all most of my nerves. My most prized piece of knowledge in life is that you can bring your own mini bottles through security. The minute I pull out my ziplock bag full of party bottles TSA knows that I mean business. And this time they will just think that I am a rowdy hooligan since I am flying to Vegas. And they just might be right.

This photo was taken at 5am, prior to my trip to St. Thomas USVI. It’s never too early for a beer when traveling!


If we ignore the fact that I sweat profusely during take off, I am a pretty great travel partner. I am always on time for my flight, maybe even a bit neurotic since I still believe in getting there at least two hours prior to take off.

I never have too big of a carry on. I am willing to share my mini bottles. I always listen to the flight attendants, and if the plane goes down I will know where our exits are located. But if the plane goes down I am getting myself out of that damn thing, you are on your own.

I obsessively research the destination for weeks and weeks prior to departure. Currently I could tell you the walking distance to just about every attraction in Vegas. And since you can drink on the street (or so I am told) I can tell you about how many beers away the destination is. — Oh we want to walk to the Bellagio? That’s about a beer and a half or tall boy away from our hotel.

I am also pretty passive, which can be good and bad. Get too many passive people in a group and no one can make a damn decision. But if you like leading the pack, then I am the perfect person to tag along. –You want to go to an all-you-can-eat rib buffet? Well that’s fine, I am sure I can find something to eat. — It probably helps that I am a very laid back vegetarian.

3 more days people! 3 more days and I will be living in sin! I am not huge into gambling, but I am a big fan of free drinks in the casino, so in about 4 days this will probably be me:

gamblingWish me luck!

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