It Happened, Again.

My back, is screwed, yet again. UGHHHHHH!!

I don’t even know what to do. The first time that I injured my back was in April. I was in a HIIT class, doing squats, I felt something shift, and my whole back tensed up. Ever since I have had a sensitive lower back, and experience lower back pain and stiffness almost weekly. However it has never been as bad as the first time I injured it. Until now.

Last night I was planning to go to a half hour Core Fit class, then stay for Step Class, and Chisel (weight lifting). I usually lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I successfully finished Core Fit, I was feeling good, feeling thin, and I was ready to complete two more classes. The ironic part is that I have been attending Core Fit in an attempt to strengthen my core, and better support my back.

Step and Chisel used to be my favorite classes of the week, but ever since the instructor left, it hasn’t been the same. But one of the girls who always attends the Step class is now training to be an instructor. And last night was her first trial run. She killed it! She was soooo good. She used the same music as the old instructor, had similar moves, kept up speed, and didn’t mess up once! I was so excited for her, but also jazzed that I would have a good instructor back.

Because I was so amped up, I was going beast mode on the bench. Then she called out the Charleston Kick, and the minute I bent down I felt something shift, pop, and crackle (anyone else thinking about Rice Krispies?) in my lower back. Immediately I began to feel a tingling sensation shoot down my left leg and butt cheek. All I was thinking was OH SHIT!!

Here is an example of the Charleston Kick, but we were using benches, not bosu balls. I actually really love this move, but I guess my back does not.

I immediately stood up, marched in place, and tried not to panic. However all I wanted to do was scream out in pain. But I have such a tough time walking out of a class early, plus I didn’t want the new instructor to think I hated her, especially since she was doing so good. So I stepped out of class for a minute, tried to stretch out my back and hips, I lightly foam rolled, and went back to class.

You might be thinking that I am an idiot for going back to class, but don’t worry I took the rest of the class realllly easy. I modified everything. Because there was a lack of bounce in my step, I mirrored the old ladies in the back of the room. Actually, I think the old ladies were going harder than I was! But that’s okay, I had to listen to my body. Even though I was going slow, there were times when I felt like I was going to puke. Blah.

Class finished, I told the instructor she was a rock star, and then I ran waddled out. Of course I had walked to the gym, so I was going to have to toddle my way home. As I left I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I was in pain, but more so I was mad. Raged. I wanted to attend Chisel but my body was failing me, again. And I knew that I was going to have to rest for a few days, not a fan.

Thank god for sunglasses because I cried as I walked home. Although I had the quivering bottom lip going on, so I am sure that people knew. I am not one of those girls that just kinda weeps, I definitely have an ugly cry. Every step I took I could feel something crackle.

I am uninsured and broke, so I am turning to Dr. Google for help. I am icing my back, doing light stretching, and taking expired vicodin for the pain. I already have troubles falling to sleep, and staying to sleep as it is. Last night was hell. No position was comfortable, and normally I toss and turn in my sleep, which was near impossible last night.

I am getting some ibuprofen tonight because it mixes better with wine than vicodin it’s an anti-inflammatory, which should help any swelling go down. Also, I am no expert, but just from reading my own body, I really think my lower back issues are connected to my hip flexors. I often get really tight and sore hip flexors, and IT bands, so I am going to focus on stretches for my hips, and foam rolling my IT band. Wish me luck!


  • Nadine Lynn

    September 26, 2013

    Since the pain is super bad right now, maybe try a heating pad. Ice is better for reducing swelling but heat helps with pain. I wouldn’t do heat all the time…but for a day or two it might help. Or maybe even just to help you go to sleep. Also hot baths with Epsom salt helps relax muscles. They make aromatherapy kinds that smell of eucalyptus and lavenders too so if you take them at night, they always make me sleepy. I have had a lot of issues with my back, so I feel ya! I hope you feel better ASAP!

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