Drinking on a Diet

Low Calorie Cider Beer

For the month of December I was kind of a hermit on the weekends. I must have been in a funk because normally I have to be pretty damn tired in order to stay in.

I really like to consume my alcoholic beverages. And I like to drunkenly socialize with people at the bar. I also like to think that I become more charming and flirty while drinking. But in sober reality I am probably pretty awkward to talk to because I smile really big and creepy.

Now that January is here, I’m back! And I went out both Friday and Saturday, so I am really back to my old self.

The only problem with drinking every weekend is that alcoholic drinks are typically jammed full of calories. So I am always looking for new alcoholic drinks that are low in calories.

And I have found a new adult beverage that I will probably drink for the rest of my life. Forget coffee, I am drinking cider beer to get me energized.

So here is what I drank on Saturday:


Ace Perry Hard Cider. The bottle itself was 22 oz., but the serving size was for 16 oz.

Each serving was 155 calories, 0 fat, 0 protein, 12 carbohydrates, and 9 grams of sugar.

It was 3 points for the whole bottle! Which is awesome, seeing as most 12 ounces of beer range from 3-5 points.

Since I am typing this post on a Monday, I have to wait 4 more days until I can drink this stuff again. I am not the type to just have a beer on a Wednesday night just to unwind. If I am going to drink my calories, its because I want to get drunk and smile! Come Friday you will be able to find me with a make-up brush in one hand, and a bottle of this in the other.