Drinking on a Diet

Best Homemade Skinny-ish Margarita

It is no secret that I like to drink. And in a perfect world I would be able to drink as much alcohol as I want, and still lose weight. That’s right, my perfect world revolves around the thought of a faster metabolism. Forget the starving children, I want to be skinny! Just kidding…..kinda.

When I started dieting I was not willing to give up drinking. My life would be boring. What would I do on the weekends? Stare at a wall? Because I have managed to drink and still lose weight I am constantly on the hunt for new drink recipes that won’t completely ruin my diet.

I am also always on the hunt for a good, homemade blended margarita recipe, no matter what the calorie count is. I LOVE the margaritas at Chili’s. There is something about the consistency of their blended margarita that can’t be beat. It’s like a slushie that you get from Target or the gas station but it’s better because it has tequila in it.And I love me some tequila.

While looking on pinterest I had found this drink recipe:

 The original post can be found here. It’s frozen coffee ice cubes, covered with almond milk. But of course I pinned it because someone had suggested covering it in Baileys. Hello, my name is Nadine, and I am lush.
This gave me a great idea. What if I froze margarita mix into ice cube trays. Then in a blender I could toss in the margarita cubes, some frozen strawberries and tequila. This would cut out the wateriness that you get from adding actual ice cubes.
So first I  mixed up a batch of Crystal Light (or Market Pantry, I am on a budget) Margarita mix. 5 calories for one drink pack is tremendous. Most of the time the mix alone can be well over 200 calories.
mixThen I poured the mixture into ice cube trays and put them into the freezer:
cubesAfter the cubes froze, I threw them into a blender with frozen strawberries. Then I added the tequila. It was the real classy stuff, Durango. Again, I am on a budget:
durango_gold_tequilaBlend it up, and you will end up with this:
drink Volia! The perfect, low cal margarita! It was amazing. Seriously. I cannot believe that I did not think of this idea sooner. It might have to do with the fact that I was usually pretty drunk by the time I would start making margs. My drunken brain is not exactly the smartest, but I do have a good time!

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