Drinking on a Diet

The Day Before Drinking

In the last 3 weekends I have only gone out once! One time! That is very unlike me. I don’t know if it has to do with the cold weather, or the fact that I am aging, but my drinking has slowed down, significantly.

And you want to know the worst part? I have enjoyed my weekends spent at home. I think I am turning into a hermit! Help!

It has just been such a nice change of pace to wake up feeling hydrated, have the energy to go to the gym, and the willpower to avoid eating crap. But that was going to change last weekend. I had a holiday party planned for Saturday and I knew I would be binge drinking.

Since I didn’t go out Friday, I woke up on Saturday and I was able to go to the gym for Step class, and Body Pump. Attending two 1 hour classes=Beast Mode.

Starting on Saturday morning I thought that I would do a blog post to show off what I ate throughout the day when preparing to drink most of my calories. The only problem is that I got pretty hammed on Saturday night. Like, holy shit-what happened-dancing machine-kind of drunk. This means that my diet plan didn’t really work, and I probably should not serve as an inspiration, to anyone.

However I am still going to post some food ideas for planning a day of drinking that will be kind to your diet. But if you don’t want to get completely tanked, then do not follow this diet. Or maybe just don’t drink as much. Yeah, that is probably what I should have done.

After the gym I had a protein shake with 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein and a half scoop of soy vanilla protein. I blended it with frozen strawberries, a banana, a splash of orange juice, some ice and a little bit of water to get it moving. It wasn’t the tastiest thing, but it did give me a blast of 35 grams of protein and clocked in at around 5 points.

Later when I got hungry again, I had 2 servings (read: 1/2 cup) of egg whites (2 points), with a frozen medley of vegetables (0 points), topped with 1/4 cup reduced fat cheddar cheese (1 point), and sriracha sauce (0 points). And on the side I had 1 slice of low carb bread (1 point) topped with smashed avocado (2 points) and more sriracha sauce. I may or may not be part of the sriracha cult.

And if you are too lazy to do the math, that is a meal for 6 points, 11 points so far for the day. Then I laid around, drinking water, and watching The Minday Project. I also had 1 cup of coffee with a splash of eggnog for 1 point, 12 points for the day. I could have skipped the egg nog, but I love it. A lot.

food collage

A wise woman once told me that eating pancakes before going out is a good idea, because it will soak up all of the booze. So my roommate and I decided to try pancakes for dinner. Two pancakes with a few chocolate chips (6 points) and 2 tbsp of syrup (2 points) and a smear of fake peanut butter (1 point).


21 points total for the day, which left me with 10 extra points for drinking. Not to mention my 49 extra weekly points that I am allowed and usually save for the weekend. I also could have avoided putting avocado on my toast, egg nog in my coffee, and chocolate chips and fake peanut butter on my pancakes. This would have shaved off an extra 6 points, which roughly equals one alcoholic drink!

I am sad to report that the pancakes didn’t really work. Although I have been told that I should have had more than 2 pancakes, but that would really defeat the purpose of dieting. I really should have just watched the amount of cocktails that I consumed. I am just used to drinking for a fat girl, but since losing weight my tolerance has gone wayyyy down! I am becoming a cheap date.

I woke up on Sunday and I felt like I had swallowed sand, my mouth was so dry, and my stomach was queasy. I am not as resilient as I used to be. That or my body was so used to being hungover that I didn’t know what healthy felt like. Yikes!


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