Goals for the Next Year

I recently hit my one year anniversary. For the last year I have been going to the gym religiously, and avoiding  fatty foods. Last year the only goal that I had made for myself was to lose weight and get in shape. And in the last year I have done exactly that. I have lost 55 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life. Do you I still have some weight to lose? Absolutely. Can I get in even better shape? Without a doubt. But that’s the beauty of exercise, there is always a new area of fitness to master, and a new part of the body to condition. Recently I explored a new form of fitness that is really foreign to me, I went running. I wrote a post about it here, and while writing that post I realized that I have so many more fitness goals than I did last year.

I think it’s good that I make some goals for the next year of my life. I am finding out that I tend to have a lot of weight plateaus, so in an attempt to keep myself motivated, I think it would be smart to have goals that I am working towards, besides just losing weight. So without further ado, here are my goals for the next year:

1) Run a 5k. Or two. Or maybe even three. Okay, three 5k races might be pushing it but maybe not. For now I have a goal to run at least one 5k race and we’ll see what happens from there. Here are some that I think I would really enjoy running in:

2)  Get some buns! I currently have a very flat butt. It almost curves in, rather than out. It’s sad, and pathetic. What I am lacking in the ass department I make up for in the boob department but I want some buns, no more pancake butt! Sorry if this is crude or inappropriate, but it’s real life. My real, sad, assless life.

3) Participate in a triathlon. Not a long course triathlon, or that crazy, unfathomable thing called the Ironman Triathlon. My YWCA hosts an annual women’s triathlon. This one seems a little more manageable, it would be a 500 yard swim, then a 15.5 mile bike ride and a 5K run. I could not participate in this sort of triathlon in my current state but if I started training, I really think I could get there by August!

4) Get toned arms. Now that I have started losing my fat girl arms, I yearn for skinny, toned, sleek, beautiful arms. My arm inspiration?

Jennifer Aniston:

Or Cameron Diaz:

Amazing, right? I cannot wait for the day that my arms has even the slightest bit of definition like these women!

5) Figure out my role in the fitness community. One thing that this past year has taught me is that I want to work in the field of fitness. I want to work with people who understand the benefit of living an active lifestyle or are on the path to living a healthy lifestyle, just like me. I want to help inspire people and equally be inspired by others. Now the hard part is figuring out what path I should take. Should I do personal training? A health/wellness coach? A group fitness instructor? Weight Watchers Leader? Or something else entirely? I am not sure, but I plan to figure it out!